What We're About

How we got started

Sassii is my name, that's me with the pink hair. It all started when I just could not find any awesome leggings that looked badass and came in my size, and when I did finally manage to find something close to it, it was either unattractive or really really expensive. Aint nobody got time for that. I also got pretty tired of snooty activewear brands looking down their noses at anyone over a size 12, ain't nobody got time for that either! So, I got to werk and created Zest Lifewear for me and all my fellow curvy queens. They're good quality, versatile, and every piece is under $80.

There's me Sassii, and a small team of Zesties, and we're currently based in Queensland, Australia. Never fear though, we ship worldwide!

We’re straight-talking badass babes who wanna empower all curvy women to do anything they want to do, to stand up to body-shamers, and feel confident. We are 100% against body shaming of ALL sizes, we are against size discrimination, and we’re here to do something about it!

Why we're doing this

We believe that curvy women shouldn’t be stuck with only unfashionable, baggy shapeless and ugly clothes in boring colours and granny prints with horrible ruching on everything. Curvy goddesses shouldn’t be made to feel unwelcome in stores and sneered at. Bodacious bootyful women should be able to find gorgeous gear to wear, and they deserve to feel good about themselves for once! This is something we feel strongly about and we just had to take action, so here we are.

Find out more about me on the infamous Sassii Blog here, I'm rallying our Zesty Babes Tribe and you need to get on it – join the convo & leave your comment on the Blogs, we wanna hear what you think!

What’s in it for you

I wanna give you what you want, and I promise to always listen to your suggestions. So, I've made you some badass plus size activewear that’s sexy and trendy, comfortable to move in, functional for multiple areas of your life, and I know you want clothes that can take you through all different activities in your daily life and not just for working out - that’s why I called it “Lifewear”.

Our design philosophy

I wanted to make it so that you can totally wear our bangin’ designs everywhere, like going out for drinks with the gals, making the other mothers jealous at school pickups, going out for a coffee, twerking it up at the clubs or werkin it at the gym. You can even wear them just lounging around watching zombie movies with popcorn and wine (or is that just me?) And if anyone knocks at the door or at your webcam – hey presto you already look amazing! #iwokeuplikethis

AND the best part is that all our designs are limited runs, meaning that we only make a certain amount of each design and stock is very tightly limited. Once it sells out, there's no more of that piece - ever, so don't wait too long to grab your favourite Zest Lifewear pieces because they will sell out soon. If you want to grab an exclusive piece that you won't see on everyone else, you're in the right place, babe!

What people are saying about Zest Lifewear

Check out our reviews on our Facebook page here and also check out the reviews on each Product Page where you see the gold stars. Gorgeous gals are loving our leggings and tops because they're good quality, well made, and are comfortable to wear, and they're telling their friends too!

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Free Gifts With Purchase

For a limited time, I'm offering 3 free gifts with purchase for every single order. That's right, no order minimums! All you have to do is place your order and your 3 free gifts will be included in your parcel for free! You'll receive a Free Sassii Tote Bag, Free Fierce Cap, and Free Heart Temp Tattoo! There's nothing better than free stuff.

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