6 essential things to look for in plus size leggings

Leggings in plus size can be many different styles, but there are some things to look out for to guarantee a perfect and comfortable fit !

  1. Waistband: No one wants a bum crack on show when squatting or to have to hitch up your leggings all day, the waistband  should be nice and wide, fitting at or above your belly button. It should fit firmly so your legging stay in place but not cut in.
  2. Seams: These should be flat for comfort .
  3. Shaping: A few shaping seams over the backside will make your bum look great but that bum scrunching doesn't seem to look good on anyone - give it a miss. 
  4. Pockets: DEFINITELY, where else would you put your stuff??
  5. Non See through: Oh dear, this is a no brainer. 
  6. Fabric: Some girls like 'em super tight compression style, and others prefer buttery soft fabric - its  a personal thing but softer fabric will have more stretch to it and is usually much easier to get on and off.  Your leggings will keep their shape and stretch longer if you cold water wash and don't toss them in the dryer.

For more on selecting your garments check our post on what to look for when selecting your active wear. 

out https://www.zestlifewear.com/blogs/zesty-blog/what-to-look-for-when-buying-plus-size-active-wear

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