5 Ways You Can Combat Size Discrimination Now!


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Size Discrimination - it's one of the last remaining forms of discrimination that is still publicly acceptable, and it has pervaded every corner of our society. It has become so widely accepted and so ingrained that you can see evidence of it almost everywhere, including movies, TV shows, advertisements, you can hear it in all those fat jokes, it seems to be unacceptable to make jokes about other aspects of people’s appearances but it’s still ok to make “fat jokes”, it seems.

You can see it especially in the fashion industry, you can see it in the workplace, job interviews, and even in the things people say and do in their everyday lives.

It has trickled all the way down to small children, with even 4 year olds afraid of becoming fat. It seems that people believe that being fat is the absolute worst thing in the world.


Well, we’re taking a stand. There are many things that are far worse than being “fat” and it’s time that we band together & stand up to start making some changes in our society. I firmly believe that with enough people getting behind this movement, we really can make a difference and we really can change society for the better.

It might not always be easy, because we’re the rule-breakers and change-makers right at the beginning, fighting against the stereotypes and dealing with the pushback, but I know we’re strong and we need to do this for all the other people around the world and all the kids growing up now, to change society’s perceptions for the better.

We need your help with this, so keep reading to find out what you can do.

5 Things You Can Do About Size Discrimination:

1 –  Be Visible

We believe that the more people there are around the world who see diversity in appearances, including a diverse range of sizes, the more accepted different sizes will become. Not just in advertisements, TV and Movies, but in everyday life too. So be visible, don’t hide away. Get out there, do the things you want to do, go for that job you want, and wear the clothes you want to wear without worrying about “looking fat” or worrying about people thinking you shouldn’t be wearing that. Imagine if we all saw larger bodies everywhere all the time, doing fun and amazing things and looking happy and empowered, it would eventually become accepted and seen as normal. It would also encourage other larger bodied people to join in too, and I believe this would have a positive impact on all the kids out there who are watching and learning. So be part of that. Be visible.

2 –  Call People Out

I was with a few friends recently driving around town on a hot sunny day, and we passed by a happy, cute little boy who was eating a delicious looking ice cream, and who also happened to possess a larger body. One of my friends immediately laughed and said “OMG look at that fat kid stuffing his face, what a fat little piggy!” and one of the others snickered. Thankfully the kid couldn’t hear or see us, but I was mortified and felt personally offended on behalf of the kid. I immediately said to my friend “Hey, that was pretty mean, how would you like it if people were always picking on your appearance all the time? You’re better than that!” They stopped laughing and I could tell they felt awful about doing it, and will think twice before doing it again. If you hear someone making mean jokes about a larger person, or about a person’s appearance at all, don’t laugh along with them and don’t join in with the joke, but take a stand and say something. Educate them gently about it. Call them out and tell them that it’s not funny and it’s not ok. You might feel a little nervous the first time you do it, but be strong and make a stand, it gets easier with practice. I know you can be brave. Its things like this that show what you’re made of. You can really make a change happen from the ground up with your own everyday interactions.

3 – Communicate With Kids

I’ve heard about people with young children saying that their 4, 5 or 6 year old kid is worried about being fat, and I was incredulous. At such a young age, already! The messages we receive from those around us and from all the media that we are bombarded with, really can have a huge impact on our thoughts and feelings, even at such a young age. It is so important to be mindful of what you say around young children when it comes to food, dieting, losing weight, and being fat, whether they’re your kids or others. Make sure they understand that being fat is not the worst thing ever, and that they have other things to occupy their minds with. There are plenty of resources online to help with this, so seek out some advice that is relevant to your situation, and communicate with the young kids around you in a positive and supportive way.

4 –  Support Others

Some days we feel strong and brave, and other days we feel drained, tired, or low. Sometimes it can feel like no matter what you do, the wave of size discrimination just keeps on coming and it can sometimes get people down. If you see another person who seems to be struggling, give them some support, ask if they’re ok and let them know that you’re there. If you see a larger person being bullied for their size, being sneered at, laughed at, whether its overt or covert, just go over to them and say hi, start chatting to them, be friendly, just let them know that they’re not alone and you care. This can make all the difference in the world to that person, and it also sends a subtle message to the bullies. Plus you might make a new friend and discover something amazing about them.

5 –  Spread the Message & Start the Conversation

Let’s start the conversation with our own circle of friends & family, and if we all do it, it will have an impact like a ripple in a lake, moving outwards. Use this article as your starting point – hit the share buttons below to share this on Facebook and Twitter, and tag @zestlifewear, we will reply to every share and every comment, just tag us so we can see it. Share this now and start the conversation with your own circle, we need all people (plus sized and non-plus sized) to join the Revolution, join together and make a change from the ground up. Join the Zesty Babes Tribe, sign up below, to get your weekly Z-Mail and join our sisterhood. Thank you for doing your part!

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Till next time babes, stay fierce!


  • Allie

    This is fantastic, I wish more people got onto this!

  • Katie

    This is awesome, I’ve been thinking this for ages, and will share this to my group, thanks!

  • Zest Lifewear

    Thanks so much Toni for getting on board! We believe that if we all do our own part it will help to change things for the better, for everyone. :-)

  • Toni

    Fantastic article and all so true. I am dealing with these types of people at work. Next time I hear a negative comment regarding someone’s size, I will be making sure they wont think that way again.

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