Getting fit together

Group fitness classes can be a lot of fun and there is a class to suit everyone.  If you’re into yoga, Tai Chi, boxing, spin, dance or zumba there’s a class for that and many more! 

The first step in group classes is to work out which activity is for you. Personal trainers or gym staff can recommend something suitable, so always ask their advice, especially if you are new to the exercise thing. Try a couple of different classes and see which one you like. While some participants will be really experienced in the class, there's always someone else who is new and who can have a laugh with you when needed.

Bringing a friend can add to the fun, motivation and commitment to any fitness activity, but even if you are going on your own you are still part of a group, where everyone is focused on their fitness and overall health. Group classes help with confidence, as everyone has the same goal and is encouraging each other. 

The instructor will be there cheering on everyone, helping build on that confidence you’re receiving from your classmates. Remember that , even though you might initially feel awkward, super confidence is just around the corner and you are well ahead of everyone who is sitting at home on the couch thinking about fitness!

Try a group fitness class and tell us about your experience! 

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