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I’m jumping with excitement because I’ve got something awesome for you today!! Guess what, I was lucky enough to interview a badass curve model who’s getting out there and inspiring other curvy babes, and getting noticed for her stunning looks and killer style.

I’m talking about none other than the gorgeous Cloey.

Cloey is based in the style capital of Melbourne, Australia and travels the country for her modelling bookings, kicking ass along the way with her sassy style. Cloey’s definitely one to watch, we think she’s going to become a well-known face and we’re proud to say she’s one of our Zesty Babes Tribe!! Not only is she drop-dead stunning, she's also a mother of 2, a hard worker, and a super-nice gal with a heart of gold. 

Cloey, you are absolutely gorgeous, tell us how you got started in modelling?

I first got started in modelling when my very good friend and great make-up artist Bianca (@biancakarena) asked me to be a model for her, for her portfolio pictures, and I agreed because I just thought it would be fun. Then I realised how great it was getting a lot of comments from other women telling me how great it was seeing another plus size woman who is more like the average woman, and to me that was awesome to hear, so I decided to keep doing it. 

Dish the juicy details - what's the best thing and worst thing about modelling?

The best thing about modelling is the feedback I get from a lot of plus size women, who are absolutely amazing and they tell me how much an inspiration I am for plus size women and that I am helping them gain a lot more confidence within themselves, and for me that’s better than money! That’s the main reason why I keep doing what I am doing in this industry. The worst thing about this job would be…. actually I can’t really think of anything right now, but just remember to always be yourself!

Can you give some advice for anyone who wants to become a curve model?

Keep trying! Do not give up and do not compare yourself to other models.

I always seem to look silly in photos, can you give us your top 3 tips for how to pose for photos without looking completely ridiculous?

Ok well, my go-to is always to lift my chin because the lighting will make it look like you have a 5 o’clock shadow and you don’t want that haha!! Next is to stand tall! It makes it a lot easier to get great shots when your chest is out and back is straight! And last one would be find out what angles work for you, try practicing in the mirror so when it comes to a shoot you know what you are doing.

What's your take on the way that curvy and plus-size women are portrayed in the media?

I think it’s a lot better than what it was 10 or 20 years ago. We have come a long way, but I do believe that in the media they need to be a lot more realistic and help by letting the average woman know that they are perfect the way they are, whether they are plus size or normal size. And we need to put more plus size models on the map, be more diverse and not just put one plus size on the magazines.

Imagine the fashion industry is reading this, what would you say to them?

I would say to the fashion industry: there are a lot of beautiful plus size models to choose from, more than just sizes 12 or 14, can we try and be different for once and choose a size 20 model, or more size 18 models along with size 16 models to represent brands PLEASE!!

That’s exactly how I feel about it too, and I’m so excited to be showcasing plus size models in all of our upcoming shoots! So, what advice would you give to other curvy women about looking good and feeling fierce?

To stop putting yourself down!!! Know you are valued! And you are worth it! Stop comparing yourself with other women, just know you are UNIQUELY YOU and be happy within yourself, and know that you are beautiful and keep telling yourself that everyday till you honestly believe it!!

What's your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Going to the gym! And I love to spend time with my two young boys Johnny and Andy and my partner Riki! Just spending time with them whether its watching a movie or going to the park it helps me sooo much. That’s my fav thing to do on a weekend, just having that downtime.

Which celebrity would you love to have a cocktail with, and which cocktail would you guys have?

ASHLEY GRAHAM!!!! OMG I would love to have a cocktail with her!!!! And it would be MARGARITAS!!

What was your favourite item of clothing to strut around in at the Zest Lifewear photoshoot?

MY FAV ITEM WAS THE BLACK 3/4 TIGHTS! So comfortable and versatile!!!

Thank you so much Cloey! You are as gorgeous on the inside as you are on the outside, and we know you are going to go far. Follow Cloey here: @cloeyrhindhuiaa and be inspired by her journey.

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