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Zesty Interview with Kate - Pretty For Plus Size


Welcome to The Zesty Blog, this is the home of the Zesty Babes Tribe - the place where you're always accepted and celebrated! For all my fierce fashionista babes, I have got a treat for you today - I was lucky enough to interview the beautiful Kate, otherwise known as the fashionista behind the Pretty For Plus Size Blog!

Hi Kate, welcome to The Zesty Blog! Congratulations on your amazing blog Pretty For Plus Size and building your loyal following on Instagram, I just love seeing a confident babe empowering other women and lifting them up, you’re inspiring other women every day to love themselves. How did you get started and what inspired you?

Thanks for having me! Starting my blog and instagram was something that just sort of happened. I had been thinking on it, and talking over it for a while, but ultimately I was just so frustrated by feeling like the only woman in the world who could not shop at mainstream stores, and was really struggling to find brands who catered to my size, age and style. Originally my account was just a way to share fashion I loved with anyone who was interested, but it has grown into such a gorgeous community of followers and friends, and I am so grateful for that.

Could you give some advice for anyone who wants to become more confident with their body and feeling more empowered in themselves, and how to keep it up when negativity drags us down?

My advice is just to accept it, embrace it. Be exactly who you are. I spent so long trying to change my body and being embarrassed by it, and I think that takes up a lot more energy than we realise! Confidence really is the key, and finding things that make you feel confident is a big part of that; whether it’s new clothes, getting your nails done, changing your hair colour, spending time with someone you love, all of these things can build us up and make us feel good about ourselves. So I think it’s important to surround yourself with those things and treat yourself. Life is short, we spend way too much time pulling ourselves down, and in reality we are our own worst enemy. No one ever thinks as bad as we think about ourselves, it is important to remember how many people value you, and how much you have to offer the world that has nothing to do with your size.

What are some tips on dressing for curves and being able to work out what suits us?

Everybody is a good body! But everybody is different. For me, it’s 50% dressing for my body type and 50% dressing in things I love! There is no point wearing something I don’t love just because a magazine said it was good for my shape or size. Experimenting with different styles and cuts is the perfect way to work out what doesn’t suit you, so you know what does! When you go to a change room, try on one thing you would never normally wear, you might be surprised and love it! (Or you might never pick up a top like that again) Another, sometimes controversial tip, is if you have curves, flaunt them! Don’t shy away from fitted dresses or figure hugging skirts, wear what makes you feel good and happy, a smile always suits any one.

Imagine the fashion, beauty, modelling and advertising industries are here right now, what would you say to them?

Get with the times! These media industries are slowly getting onboard with the idea that curvy women exist, and I think this is such an empowering thing for the everyday women. We are slowly seeing more gorgeous plus models featured on catwalks, in magazines and on billboards, and it is so important that this continues! Being plus size or curve is not a ‘bad thing’ it has just been portrayed that way for so long that people don’t know how to re-adjust their thinking. We’re heading in the right direction, but we have a long way to go.

You’re famous for your gorgeous photos with those incredible backgrounds, how do you find so many amazing backgrounds and walls?

Am I!? Thank you! I’m super lucky that there are so many great spots and scenery around Brisbane to shoot my outfits and share my finds. I do spend a lot of time looking out the car window (when I’m not driving), trying to note where I see nice walls or buildings. A lot of the time I will try to find a wall that I feel like suits my outfit, but sometimes it is just sheer luck. Also, shoutout to my instaboyfriend who also does a great job noting where there are fabulous walls or locations when he’s out and about too.

Last question - which celebrity would you love to have a cocktail with, and what would you be having?

This is the hardest question! After much deliberation, I would be drinking Pina Coladas with Taylor Swift. Firstly, because Pina Coladas are delicious and all good stories seem to start with them. And secondly, I am actually a massive closet country music fan (I’m joking, it’s not actually a secret) and have been listening to her music since my early teens; when she was a country artist. She’s the reason I decided to learn how to play guitar - besides my blog, music is a massive part of my life.

Thank you so much for having me! It’s been an absolute blast and a pleasure working with you and Zest so far and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us both!

Thank you so much Kate for chatting with me and for all your lovely advice!

Follow Kate's awesome blog at Pretty For Plus Size, and follow her on Instagram at @prettyforplussize

Babes, I am just loving all Kate's fashion adventures, this is one girl who knows how to have fun with fashion.

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Till next time, stay fierce!


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