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Curvy babes deserve to be celebrated and recognised for all the amazing things they achieve, curvy babes should no longer be invisible and unseen, and we want to showcase and celebrate these amazing gals! One curvy babe that I absolutely adore is none other than the amazing Chrissy Metz 

Chrissy is an American actress, rock chick, and style icon, perhaps most famous for her work in the TV show "This Is Us", in fact she is such a talented actress that she won a Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominations for her work. You go, girl!

Chrissy has also appeared in American Horror Story, My Name is Earl, and Entourage, and we are super excited to say that she also has two brand new movies coming out soon "Sierra Burgess is a Loser" and "The Impossible". Judging by her previous work, she is going to kick some ass in her new movies and we can't wait to see them.

Chrissy has overcome bullying, fat shaming, size discrimination and negativity to become a style icon and talented actress, and was nominated for Choice TV Breakout Star in 2017. She's strong, beautiful, talented and has people snapping her photo everywhere she goes, so its fair to say that she's taking Hollywood by storm.

But she gets even more awesome. Chrissy is also the singer in a band called "Chrissy and the Vapors" and she is killing it! Seriously babes, wow what a voice! Listen to her belting out "The Trouble with Winners" here and let me know what you think - she is one badass sexy babe!

This badass curvy fashionista is paving the way for more plus sized women to break into acting roles, she's breaking down the barriers and through the roles she portrays on screen she is also bringing the conversation to millions of people around the world and helping to break down the plus size stigma that many women and men face on a daily basis. No one can say any more that plus size women can't be a breakout Hollywood star or sexy rock chick, she is smashing all the sterotypes and we are excited!

In addition to being a talented Hollywood actress, she's also super cool and has an edgy, fun and vibrant sense of style and fashion, she's breaking all the old rules and showing us how its done. The ultimate boss babe, she's definitely one to follow.

Take a look at her most badass styles to date, and let me know in the comments below which is your favourite!

  1. Chrissy rocked this Vivid Auburn lace dress from Eloquii at the AFI Awards, on fire!

  1. Showing her true star power in this stunning deep purple Nathaniel Paul dress at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards night

  1. So fresh and pretty in a teal ModCloth dress at the Paley Honors Awards, and may I just say those shoes are gorgeous!


  1. Total boss babe in a red Jane Doe latex dress at the MTV Awards, breaking the rules and looking hot af!

Is there anything she cannot do!? Chrissy - you rock our world! We can't wait to see what she comes out with next, it's sure to be amazing. If you haven't seen her movies or TV show, you've gotta hunt them down and see her in action.

And, I'm gonna be adding her into our next Free Zesty Babes PlayList - girl can sing!! Grab your free tunes there, babes.

Comment below which style was your favourite?

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Till next time, stay sassy babes!!

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