Tips for getting fit when you are plus size

Plus size girls want to be fit like everyone else, and the most difficult part of any fitness journey is the beginning. You first have to ask yourself: “What are my goals?” From there, you need to figure out how you are going to achieve them. Along the way, you need to remain motivated. There are several factors that make your fitness journey a success, so we are sharing the best tips for getting fit when you’re plus size.

 1. Set A Game Plan

What are you looking to accomplish? Whether you are trying to build stamina, tone your arms, or just live a healthy lifestyle, it is important to decipher what you are looking to get out of this lifestyle change. Then, you need to figure out the how. Everybody is different in this aspect – some people prefer yoga, some prefer walking, and others prefer the gym or something else.

 2. Optimal Workout Gear

In order to reach your goals, you need to find the appropriate attire. What you wear running is different than what you would wear dancing. Make sure your outfit is comfortable in all the right places, stays in place when you squat or run, and definitely isn't see through! It should also be made from breathable or moisture wicking fabrics - the leggings you wear for a night out aren't necessarily suitable for a long walk on a warm day. 

 3. Try Something New

Experimenting with different forms of exercise is always beneficial because you might find a new passion. One of the easiest ways to stay on track of your fitness journey is to actually enjoy it. Therefore, take that workout class, walk to a new place with a great view, take that adventure.

 4. Have Fun

If you really enjoy deadlifting at the gym, then continue to utilise that form of exercise. You can always find variations of exercises to spice up your workout, if needed. Haven’t you noticed how much faster time flies when you’re fond of the exercise being done, whatever it is?

 5. Celebrate All Wins

Transformations do not happen overnight. Any progress is good progress and should be celebrated. You are stronger than you think. Be proud of yourself!


Once you take that first step to focus on your health and happiness, nothing can stop you! Stay motivated and set goals – before you know it you will feel a positive lifestyle change. 

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