Top 9 Unusual Ways to get Active and Not Be Bored!



Welcome to the infamous Zesty Blog! This is the home of the mighty Zesty Babes Tribe, this is where you can say whatever you want and look however you want and you’ll always be accepted here babe.

Its’ time to get a lil sassy, a lil badassy, and try some new activities to get moving and get out there. Life can get a bit dull and drab sometimes, so I’ve been on a mission to get some fun back in Zesty Babes Land.

Here’s my Top 9 Unusual Ways To Get Active and Have a Tonne of Fun

1) Become an explorer and go GeoCaching

GeoCachers are like modern day explorers and treasure hunters, all you need to do is get a few friends together and navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates using apps on their smartphones to find a geocache (hidden container) at that location, and follow the trail. Who knows what you’ll find and what awesome things you’ll discover. Find out more about this here and track down your local GeoCaching group wherever you are, or start one. Bonus - you'll finetune your map reading skills and never get lost again! Let's go explore some shit.

2) Get space-age with Laser Tag

Laser Tag is totes awesome. There’s this infamous, super retro place in my hometown here that's been there since the 80's, its where you can dress up in costumes, give yourselves code names (mine was She-Ra), and bring your own music playlist (get your zesty tracks here for FREE) Have your playlist blaring out while you pretend to be Lara Croft, blasting the other team with your laser guns in an otherworldly space. And I've gotta say, these Legs For Days silver sparkly leggings would be PERFECT for laser tag - you'd be all sparkly and space-agey - yasss curvy space queen!

3) Hip Hop Dance like a boss

Get jiggy to your fave tracks, and yes big girls do look hot af dancing especially when you do it this way. Either find a Hip Hop beginners class near you or just grab your besties and do this free youtube class at home from the amazing Jessie Diaz. Bonus – next time you’re at a party you’ll have some boss moves to show off and be like “yes I know I’m awesome”.

4) Get Zen with Goat Yoga

I hear you,Yoga with goats? Its actually becoming increasingly popular and can be found in so many countries & cities around the world. Goat yoga brings a quirky, mischievous fun to your Yoga and makes it an awesome experience. Check it out here.  And, YES plus size bodies can do yoga and YES you can actually be pretty good at it no matter your size or ability level. Check out these babes here for how to get started with regular yoga.  You can join a Goat Yoga class near you, or find some beginners regular yoga videos on YouTube and do it whenever you like! Put on your luscious leggings, get your gal pals to join in and get zen together.

5) Join a sports group like Netball, Football, Soccer, Softball

You’d be surprised how many babes do these sports in their spare time, it’s actually kind of fun to run around like a kid again and just kick a ball into oblivion! Just join a group that suits your needs, if you’re not totally gung-ho or uber-competitive, just join a casual “for fun only” group and make some new besties, and even go out for a bite afterwards.

6) Be a Tourist in your hometown and get out there!

No matter where you live, there’s probably something fun to hike or walk to in your area. Act like a tourist in your own hometown and find some cool new spots, it could be a waterfall, a mountain lookout, a lap of the whole city, or walking along a beach or lake. Make sure you snap some insta-worthy shots while you get out there and tag me @zestlifewear so I can see your adventures!

7) Get jumpin’ jumpin’ and Trampoline it out

Like Destiny's Child, get your bounce on. Just make sure you wear our Lets Get Meshy Top when you do trampolining to hold your puppies in place (it’s a tight compression-style fit). This is actually pretty fun because you can go as hard or easy as you want and just have fun with it. I don’t think I’ll be doing any backflips but jumping around like a nut with my besties is pretty fun! Why not throw a few twerks in there too!

 8) Start a GossWalk group

What’s one TV Series that you and your besties all totally love? Is it The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, or Suits? I'm a bit addicted to The Crown on Netflix myself (hey we're all Queens right?). Pick a day and once a week meet up with ya besties to go for a 30 min walk and goss session to discuss the latest events. It’s fun, it’s easy & free, and who doesn’t love a gossip session with ya besties!

9) Put on a shark fin and go for a splash

This one is kind of my favourite. Get yourself a shark fin or make one, and one for your friends, and go for a splash in your local pool. You’ll be laughing and having an awesome time, guaranteed. Plus it makes for awesome insta-snaps #imashark. You can even make it yourself with a piece of foam and a strap, and pop one on your pup too! Make sure you tag me @zestlifewear - I can't wait to check out your shark fin!


For the all-important question - what should you wear when you're doing all these awesome activities?

I've got just the thing for all my zesty babes. Check out my limited edition comfy non-see-through Leggings here - they're totally boss.

Comment below and tell me if you have any other unusual activity ideas for your Zesty Babes Tribe members!

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Till next time babes, stay fierce, stay fabulous, and most importantly – stay sassy!


  • Rebeccamay

    Living with a little active and curious toddler is enough

  • Rain Q

    Go back to primary school with handball. Gets the blood pumping!

  • Lynette Wicks

    I just like to do short walks, and put the pegs on the ground when hanging out washong

  • lynne lillington

    Looking after the grandkids for the day .

  • sheena grey

    I love doing billy blanks

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