Ethics and Sustainability

Here's what we at Zest Lifewear are doing to minimise waste  and ensure the health of our planet, as well as produce our products ethically.

We work with our suppliers to produce a high quality and durable garment that you will wear for years - avoiding the fast fashion trend that is leading to huge amounts of cheap garments being discarded to land fill, as well as wasting precious resources such as energy and water. 

Our key suppliers are compliant with the BSCI Code of Conduct, which provides guidance for ethical and responsible sourcing through core principles such as no child labour, fair remuneration, worker health and safety, decent working hours, and no discrimination. 

Any fabric production uses water and energy, but we try to minimise this by using recycled fabrics wherever possible, or fabrics made from renewable sources such as wood fibre. 

Fabric patterns are printed using a dye sublimation process (which provides sharp and no fade colour), which means there are no inks to clean up or dispose of. 

Leftover fabric scraps are used for samples by our suppliers.

We are transitioning to all garment information such as size and fabric care being digitally printed inside the garment, eliminating swing tags. 

We are a 'no paper' business, so we don't print picking slips, shipping advice, copies of orders etc unless requested. 

Your garment will packed in a plastic Australia Post bag or a compostable bag to ensure its arrival in perfect condition, and will be wrapped in recyclable tissue paper. 

We are continually looking for ways to improve the sustainability of our products and business, and would love to hear your ideas too!